[An electronic documentation of the music scene in
Bucks County, Pennsylvania]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Great Minds Think Alike

Make sure you check out Doylestown Sounds, a Myspace site dedicated to Doylestown music, and The Indie Café, a radio show on WYBF (Sundays 5-7 PM). Both have featured a handful of Bucks County musicians. Melissa from The Indie Café recently interviewed James Harvey from Drink Up Butter Cup, as well as Birdie Num Num and The Spirit Squad. You can hear the interview with Harvey at Drink Up’s Myspace site. Doylestown Sounds has been faithfully tracking the efforts of Peasant, Christina Ward, Aderbat, Drink Up Butter Cup, and a few other Doylestown artists for the last few months.

Also, Allie from Doylestown Sounds recently started booking music for First Friday in Doylestown, so if you’re interested in booking a show, contact her through her website.


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