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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Covering the Bucks County Music Scene (2005-2007)

In the past two years, I wrote quite a few articles on the music scene in Bucks County and the Philadelphia area for Philly Edge. This publication lost its funding a few months ago for its print (newspaper) version, and because of this I'm not covering local music for it anymore. Considering this, and that I haven't contributed to this blog in almost a year, I thought it would be a good time to look back over the past two years at some of the articles I wrote for the Edge. Believe it or not, PE wasn't all T&A all the time...

Although I covered the entire Philly area, I've only included articles below that mentioned bands from Bucks County, as this is what this blog is all about. The majority of of the writing I did on local music was through a Q&A feature called Edge Exposure. Looking back at my records, of the 40-plus bands I interviewed, a dozen were Bucks-based bands, including: Illinois, The Writing Birds, The Andy Browne Trio, Playwright (who would become Drink Up Buttercup), Peasant, Except After Sea, The Cobbs, Witness, Ponieheart, Mike Pfieffer, and Birdie Num Num & The Spirit Squad. A few of these Edge Exposures are below.

I also wrote a handful of cover stories for Philly Edge. Besides for bigger pieces on Eastern Conference Champions, Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer, Aderbat, and Illinois, I also penned a couple of round-up stories on local music, including a 2006 Year in Review (Peasant) and 10 Bands To Hear Now (Drink Up Buttercup, Witness). All of these articles are included here.

Since moving to Doylestown from Chicago over three years ago, I've done my best to get involved in what I always thought was an impressive music scene, whether it was by writing articles about music I liked or by playing shows with my own band The Administration. It's been really fun to watch some of these bands I've written about and played with go on to bigger local (and national) recognition.

So, without further ado, here are links to some articles on PhillyEdge.com, as well as links to pdf files of the print versions. If I covered your band, and it's not included here, send me a note or leave a comment, and I'll do my best to get you a copy.

Joe Simek

Cover Stories

Bucks County Bands On The Edge (PE | PDF)
2006 Year In Review (PE)
Illinois (PE | PDF)
10 Bands To Hear Now (PE | PDF 1, PDF 2)

Edge Exposures

Ponieheart (PDF)
Playwright (PDF)
Birdie Num Num & The Spirit Squad (PDF)
Andy Browne Trio (PDF)
Upstairs Underground - Cigar Parlor (PDF)