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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Borough upholds live music ban

The Intelligencer reported today that the Doylestown Borough Council decided against allowing the Freight House Café in Doylestown to expand their ability to host live music. The train station restaurant agreed a few years ago not have live music other than a piano player as part of an arrangement with local residents. The owners wanted that ban lifted because they feel they are at disadvantage to "other [businesses], closer to residences than ours, with indoor and outdoor music." Although the decision will not be official until council approves it in writing in December, it appears local residents succeeded in their efforts to keep the ban intact.

Now, chances are the Freight House would not host the types of musicians that this writer would be really excited to hear live. However, this ruling is important because it may set a precedent for other establishments in the borough, like the Cigar Parlor, The Moose Lodge or even Muggs On Main, that host bands and are indeed closer to private residences. The borough has thankfully taken a softer stance on live music (especially on weekends), but this could signal a change of heart.

Council says no to live music
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