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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peter Joseph Gets Colorful

If you've been to any shows in Bucks County over the past few years, you probably saw Peter Joseph open up for someone, armed with only an acoustic guitar and a bunch of effects pedals. Joseph started as a solo singer-songwriter, but he's recruited a full line-up for his first proper EP, Colorful.

The record, which Joseph produced himself, features locals Rich Pena on guitar and Noelle Casella on cello, along with a host of other musicians collectively know as The Roaring Twenties. The result is a nice blend of blues, folk and straight up rock 'n' roll. Hearing Joseph's tunes fleshed out with proper backing definitely shines a light on his talent.

Hear for yourself at the CD release show on August 26 at Puck in Doylestown.



Anonymous said...

I highly recommend this EP. I've seen them perform a few times, and upon giving Colorful a listen, got that same great feeling as seeing them live. Catchy songs, great music, and LOTS of talent here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous reviewer. Joseph is a wonderful artist---check out his music!