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Monday, January 01, 2007

Doylestown Music Compilation Released, Supported

End Of The R5, a compilation of Doylestown musicians, is now available in various locations throughout Doylestown for $10. The brainchild of Cigar Parlor owner J.T. Schaefer, the compilation features songs from Doylestown (area) bands like Mike Pfieffer & The Associates, Aderbat, Drink Up Buttercup, Illinois, etc. You can pick up a copy at Jammin' Juices, Siren Records, Coffee & Cream, Chelsea, and of course The Cigar Parlor -- all fine Doylestown establishments.

Every Wednesday in January, Puck is hosting a singer-songwriter open mic hosted by the songwriters who appear on the End Of The R5 compilation. It's free to get in and starts at 7:30 p.m.

And finally, if you follow Doylestown music whatsoever, then you know that Illinois, Aderbat, Drink Up Buttercup and Peasant are playing Jan. 19 at the Moose Lodge on State Street in Dtown. This all ages show, billed as "The End Of The World, 1st Edition," has been touted by some as the "show of the year in Bucks County." It may prove to be, but judging by the name of the show and considering these bands play together all the time, they will probably do it again real soon.



Anonymous said...

actually illinois and aderbat have never played together in this town, and we've all never shared the same bill... kinda the point

Joseph Simek said...

Dear (not so) anonymous,

Thanks for reading. My point was to say that you guys are all good friends and often play shows together. Chances are this won't be the last time you all share a stage...I hope it's not the last time, anyway.

Anonymous said...

right on brother, but we haven't ever played all together, and we won't all be playing together for a while. it just doesnt happen for some reason or another... all 4 of us, you can keep an eye on it if you want, but we are really excited for the show because we are all friends but we usually dont get to do it... hence "the end of the world"... just wanted to clear that up.

anway, hope to see you out tonight, you're on the guest list.


this is damien by the way, just don't feel like making a profile